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Summer has finally decided to join us and it's glorious. While we all prepare to pack up for our summer destinations and leave Winchester in our rear view mirror for vacation, that means we leave our local merchants behind as well. I'm all for vacation, but before you pack up the mini-van, PLEASE REMEMBER OUR WINCHESTER BUSINESSES AND DO YOUR BEST TO SHOP LOCAL WITH EVERY OPPORTUNITY. Let's help make up some of the deficit from this winter by supporting locally.


It's obvious that we have an unusual amount of vacancies in town and that is the nature of retail in any community.   People will often ask, "What is the Chamber doing about all the vacancies?" The answer is, as in any town, the Chamber neither has the power to sign businesses nor secure businesses into locations. That responsibility lies with the landlord who owns the properties.   However, it IS the responsibility of the Chamber to support its local businesses and try to run effective programming and offer resources to make their tenancy more viable.


We are striving every day to create such an environment for our shop owners as well as home-based businesses without storefronts. In the past couple of months, the board has conducted several focus groups, inviting all Chamber members to participate, so that we can learn what type of events will best support and assist you. We have some exciting projects that we are working on for the fall to kick off the new Chamber season. So stay tuned!


Be sure to mark your calendar for the next B.Y.O.C:

As promised, we will have our second "BUY YOUR OWN COFFEE" networking event on

TUESDAY, JUNE 23RD AT 8:30AM AT LA PATISSERIE. Lots of new faces came out to mix and mingle with established chamber members at our first event and the energy was palpable. Come and join us!


Enjoy the Sunshine!

Kim Miles



The Chamber hosted a recent Focus Group to discuss last year's Expo and what we can do to improve our events for you!
Congratulations to the 35th Citizen of the Year! Sal Caraviello and Jan Dolan are the recipients of the honorable award this year! Sal is the Directory of Youth Ministry at St Mary's, Jan is a retired High School teacher and selfless volunteer in the community.
Pictured above is Cathy Alexander, Executive Director of the Winchester Chamber of Commerce with Sal and Jan.
BYOC - Repeat Event! -Tuesday June 23rd - La Patisserie- 8:30 am
( Buy Your own Coffee)
Please join us on April 14th for a no-fuss no-muss networking event with other chamber members.  Other than your beverage, there is no cost! Just stop by next Tuesday for some quality networking with other business savvy people like you!
The down town parking policies have recently changed.  The new parking plan will allow additional traffic to flow through our downtown helping businesses continue to thrive.  Want to stay more than an hour? Use the  app on your smart phone.  What could be easier?
For all information regarding parking changes, please refer to the Winchester Website at
Additional Parking Information:
Off Street permitted parking locations
1. Jenks Lot
2. Lower Aberjona Lot
3. Lower Waterfield Lot

On Street permitted parking locations
1. Shore Road
2. Main Street ( near Stop & Shop)
3. Dix Street, School St, Park St, and Vine St

Other Options:
1.  Pay Stations on Laraway Road and Upper Aberjona Lot ( Note that the Cullen lot is shown as a pay station, but it hasn't been put on-line yet.)
2. "No Parking before 9am" spaces on Skillings Road and Mystic Valley Parkway (near McCall School)
3. Unregulated spaces on Skillings Road near Stop& Shop
The Gift of Winchester is available at the Winchester Savings Bank year round.

The Gift of Winchester is available in both $10 and $20 denominations and makes a perfect gift for everyone on your holiday lists.

Checks are accepted town wide in most stores.

Perfect size for coaches, teachers, babysitters, friends and family.

Questions?  Call 781-729-8870
The Town of Winchester was just featured in The North Shore Magazine, highlighting some of the many features that Winchester has to boast.  Click on the link below to read the full article.  The article entitled "Well-rounded Winchester" focuses on several of our members. Check it out!
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