Planning, Zoning & Town Relations

Building a great relationship with our town leaders and the community, and staying active and on top of current issues, is crucial for the business community.

  • Building a Business-Friendly Town / impact

    In Winchester, there are crucial areas where the Chamber has ensured a strong voice for business. In some cases, we have Board subcommittees to achieve this (such as our Economic Development Committee). Examples of topics always on our radar include: town parking (Click here for the latest town parking options map) zoning, tax-classification, issues and proposals before town meeting, center business district development, and licensing. Scroll down for more about government relations.

  • Government & Town Relations / hot topics

    We are proud to have a strong and ongoing dialogue with our Town Manager, Selectmen, our state representatives, and many others. Long-time members of our Board and our Executive Director are in touch with town leaders quite regularly. You will find a member of our Board of Directors at almost every Selectman’s meeting to ensure a voice for the Chamber. The Town Manager attends our Board meetings and luncheons on occasion to update us on timely issues relevant to business in town, whether it be licensing issues, permitting, zoning, or items scheduled before town meeting. This past year, we have held some joint events with the Winchester Rotary Club.

  • Resources / who to turn to

    As a Chamber member, you have a fantastic resource in us. Do you have a concern or question about doing business in town? We may know how to connect you to the appropriate person to get an answer. Perhaps you’d like to propose an issue or idea for Board discussion. (The Fall 2015 town meeting vote on a plastic bag ban at point-of-sale is just one recent example of how Chamber members and our leadership successfully and powerfully worked together to advocate for local business.)