Initiatives | Our goals as a Chamber

Local Business Advocacy

Our members represent a wonderfully diverse scope of services and offerings. They have traditional store fronts and home-based businesses. The Chamber helps connect business people to each other and to the community. Please check out our directory page. You can help local businesses thrive by patronizing our member businesses.

  • Town Beautification / Hanging baskets, lights, and more

    Town beautification is one of the many ways the Chamber supports Winchester’s  local business community. The brilliant lights year round illuminate the town and provide an inviting atmosphere to shop or to dine locally. In the spring time, the hanging baskets add a touch of color while the holiday wreaths in late Fall usher in the Holidays. Last but not least, partnering with the Lights of Love of Winchester, the lighting of the trees in December brings much joy to the entire community. If you haven’t strolled the streets of Winchester recently, we encourage you to. You will be amazed at the vibrancy, and all the wonderful new shops in town.

    Of course, the Chamber could not beautify the town without your generous support so thank you!!

    Learn more about how you can help support this initiative.  Click on Winchester Hanging Baskets or  Light Up Our Town & Lights of Love for more information.

  • Networking / For the local business community

    Networking is important for everyone which is why the Chamber is always looking for new ways to help our members network in and around the community.  Over the years, we’ve sponsored many events including Women Helping Women, Business After Hours and continue to inform you of multi-chamber networking events.  Last year we introduced you to Women of Winchester (WOW) and Buy Your Own Coffee (BYOC) which were very well received by both members and non-members.

    To learn more about these events see our events page, click on WOW or BYOC above.

  • Citizen of the Year / annual award

    In the first quarter of each year, the Chamber of Commerce requests nominations for the Citizen of the Year Award.  In 2022, the Chamber will be celebrating 43 years of honoring extraordinary citizens in our community.

    This prestigious award honors individuals of local prominence whom the Chamber and the community recognize as contributors to the betterment of life in Winchester.  There are no specific criteria for the award itself.

    The stature of the individuals who have been honored in the past serves as the true benchmark for selection.

    To nominate an exemplary citizen, complete this form.

    Past Citizen of the Year Recipients

    Harrison Chadwick, “Whip” Saltmarsh, Dr. Robert Nickerson, Dr. Gustave Kaufmann, John J. Sullivan, Clarence Borggaard, John Ciarcia, Harry Chefalo, Dr. Lenor Rich, Dr. Donald McLean, Paul Mahoney, Arthur Griffin, Judie Muggia, Austin Broadhurst, Sandy Thompson, Justin Magee, Ann McGovern, Peter Van Aken, Chad Maurer, and Charles Tseckares, Edward O’Connell, Corie Nichols, Sandy Rogers, Kevin Mawn, Dot Butler, Stephen Parkhurst, Allan Eyden, Alan MacDonald, Carol Kent, Marie Johnson, The Ryan Family, Charles Price and Carl Boerner, Helen Babcock and Tom Howley, Jay Gill, Jan Dolan, Sal Caraviello, Jimmy Johnson, Robert Deering, Peggy and Jack Roll, Sally Quinn, Essential Workers and Sgt. Dan Perenick.