WinCam Sublease Opportunity

Published 08/07/18

July27, 2018


Dear Winchester Community Members:

I’m very pleased to announce that WinCAM will be expanding its operations at 32 Swanton Street. We will miss our friends at Frannie’s Restaurant & Catering and wish the owner and staff best of luck in retirement and future endeavors. We are extremely excited to widen our footprint, a project that will allow us to also widen our offerings as we strive to fortify our community ties within the Town.

The major part of our expansion will be the construction of a large multipurpose space that can be used for meetings, workshops or other events. The space will be wired with remote controlled cameras to record all the activity taking place in the room…which should lead to more community programming being produced. Reconfiguration of existing spaces should also give us the opportunity to foster more member production in our facility. The goal of all of this effort is to make the WinCAM facility a destination for creative and civic-minded residents in Winchester and beyond.

To alleviate some of the cost of these new endeavors, we’ve received permission to sublet office right here in the building. If an agreement with a prospective tenant can be reached early enough, that tenant would be able to have a say in the design of their space – including the size of the offices, storage options and entrance points. Tenants of WinCAM will have prioritized use of the community space and will have designated parking.

If you are interested in speaking about this option, time is of the essence. Please reach out to me via phone or email as soon as you can. Thank you for the attention to this wonderful opportunity.


David Gauthier

Executive Director, WinCAM

32 Swanton Street

781-721-2050 |