As we all continue to navigate, day by day, the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 emergency, we want you all to know that the Town of Winchester and the Chamber of Commerce are working together to develop innovative, thoughtful ways to support your businesses during this turbulent time. One thing that we would like to do in the short term is to share out with the community (via our websites, social media, etc.) a directory of businesses with real-time business hours, business offerings during this time of new restrictions, and how people can continue to do business with you. This will be an ever-changing, live directory so that as things change or you have new products or services to share, we can support you in getting the word out.

In order for us to get this started, we ask that you please fill out this form with your business information, what you are currently offering and if you have any specials to incentivize people to purchase gift cards or do business with you during this time.